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• Available in range of 10 to 150 MT capacity
• Code stamp / ref to ASME Section VIII Div 1 Latest Edition & Addenda ( Design & Fabrication )
• Material of construction is SA-516 Gr 70 or Equivalent
• Comprehensive test requirements such as Full RT, NDT, Hydro test as per Code
• Migas and Pertamina certified
• Complete instrumentation according to process line in standard filling station and brand customize
• Dished head typically either to Ellipse or Hemispherical dished head
• Available for water sprinkler sets as a cooling down to normal temperature
• Platform and handrail for inspection area on above tank
• Excess flow valve utilizing as a safety flow to avoid liquid flow exceeding
• Welder qualified to migas certification and ASME certification, and WPS as a welding procedure
LPG Storage tank Horizontal Type Dimension Information: 

All Tanks Dimensions are Approximate as Shown *) :
 Capacity (Tons) **)  Outside Diameter  Head Type  Overall Length  Overall Height
 10  1,850 mm  Ellips 2:1  3,162 mm  2,150 mm
 15  2,100 mm  Ellips 2:1  9,444 mm  2,400 mm
 30  2,840 mm  Hemispherical  11,848 mm  3,140 mm
 50  3,244 mm  Hemispherical  14,220 mm  3,600 mm
 75  3,500 mm  Hemispherical  17,624 mm  3,800 mm
 100  3,800 mm  Hemispherical  19,882 mm  4,100 mm
 150  4,400 mm  Hemispherical  22,293 mm  4,700 mm
*)  Dimension may be to change in range variation since manufacture process
**) Available to request in other specified capacity
For more information please download brochure here
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PT. LINTECH DUTA PRATAMA has become a leading manufacture to design and manufacturing LNG ISO Tank and Pressure Vessel in several capacity according to Pertamina standard and Client specification.
PT. LINTECH DUTA PRATAMA designed and fabricated ISO tank container required by the mining and oil & gas companies. International Standards Organization (ISO) tank containers are used to transport bulk liquids by road, rail and sea. They are designed to transport large volumes (48,000 liters) of liquids door to door in a safe and efficient manner. Tanks may also incorporate integral heating, inert gas blanketing and pressurization. All tanks are insulated. They are manufactured from carbon steel and stainless steel. The principle tank design requirements are safety and weight. The lighter the tank, the more loads it may carry, as the total laden weight is fixed
by state regulations.
We have certified as a holder international standard for Pressure Vessel Design and Construction according to ASME Section VIII Division 1 Latest Edition. We always give the best services to satisfy each of client specification and commit to refer to international standard codes and regulations.
As an oil and gas company services, we provide your LNG ISO tank and other type of pressure vessel with high performance Quality and desirable in refer to standard requirements. More than that, Lintech’s number-one priority is to meet or exceed every client’s goals for production, process specifications, reliability, and cost efficiency.
 LENGTH  20 ft  6.09 m
 WIDTH  8 ft  2.4 m
 HEIGHT  8.5 ft  2.6 m
 VOLUME DRY BULK  700 Cubic ft  19.8 Cubic m
 VOLUME LIQUID  5.236 Gal  19.829 L
 OPERATING PRESSURE  Up to 145 LBS Per Sq In  Up to 10 Bar
 TARE WEIGHT  7,500 Lbs  3402 Kg
 LENGTH  40 ft  12 m
 WIDTH  8 ft  2.2 m
 HEIGHT  8.5 ft  2.6 m
 VOLUME DRY BULK  1,575 Cubic ft  44.6 Cubic m
 OPERATING PRESSURE  Up to 145 Lbs Per Sq In  Up to 10 Bar
 TARE WEIGHT  7,500 Lbs  3402 Kg
Please Download our Brochure in here .

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Once again Lintech has been develop and manufacture for new product, 20' Cement Container (ISO Tank). After leading in advance ASME Sect VIII products, we are always fast moving to give satisfaction services as Client requirements.

Our Cement Tank has capability to transfer approximate 27 meter cubics cement powder to your site with four discharges line. Around the frame 100x100x4 mild steel as an ISO standard dimension, Length 6,058 mm x Width 2,495 mm x Height 2.896 mm.

We also serve client request for others capacity according to standard dimension stated, such as 40' or specified dimension.








Specification and Dimension :

  • Dimension : Length x Width x Height = 6058 x 2495 2896 mm
  • Tank Volume : Approx 25 Cubic Meter
  • Tare Weight : Approx 3,800 Kg
  • Sheel Material : A36 or SS400
  • Dished Ends : A36 or SS400
  • Pipe Material : Carbon Steel
  • Discharging Line Size : Ø4" x 4
  • Discharging Valve : 4" Butterfly Valve
  • Air Line : Air Manifold Line = Ø3"x3; Sub Air Line = Ø2"x3
  • Air Hose : DN50 to fluidizer and boot line, DN38 between fluidizer
  • Fluidizer : SURE SEAL Aerator (optional)
  • Frame : A 100x100x4 mm steel frame surrounds the tank without fork pocket. The frame is fitted with twist lock castings at corners for top empty lifting. Double stacking only (one container above only)
  • Manhole : Three
  • Access Ladders : A vertical external steel ladder gives access to the top of the tank. No Internal ladder supplied.
  • Walkway : An expanded steel mesh platform provides to the tank top walkway from ladder. Toe rail along walkway to hatches.
  • Paint : Barrel painted inside with epoxy primer. All steelwork painted to client color
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LINTECH design and fabrication of carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels and custom welding. Particular expertise lies in ASME code pressure vessel design. We will guide you through the design process in order to meet all stringent ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 requirements. To assist in the design phase, the following information are required :

  • Vessel orientation (horizontal or vertical)
  • Vessel size as well as any size envelope restrictions
  • Vessel material
  • Design pressure and temperature
  • Special requirements (i.e. wind/seismic exposure, lethal service, nozzle/manway requirements, post-weld heat treatment, surface coating, internals, etc.)
With this information, we can perform all necessary code calculations and generate computer-aided drawings for your approval. We utilize the latest AutoCAD programs available for all our drafting needs. ... Selengkapnya

LINTECH is one of largest Indonesian company who specializing in design and manufacturing conveyor pulley.  A solid R&D
department produces the best design and manufacturing technique to meet the most advanced pulley in the market.

LINTECH PULLEY is available in standard range or made to order based upon conveyor load, belt tension, belt wrap angles and bearing centers, supplied for belt ratings up to and exceeding 8,000 PIW (Pounds per Inch of Belt Width) or
1,400 kN/m. 

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LINTECH has the most extensive product for oil & gas, mining, and industry.   One of our product is Lintech Ground Support (LGS).  LGS’ technical expertise and experience in planning and installation ensure that customers receive the greatest flexibility and highest product quality.

Lintech Ground Support product range:
Lintech Threadbar Bolt:  Carbon Steel & SUS 304, LGS Hardware.
• Friction Bolt:  Carbon Steel & SUS 304.
• Plate and Mesh:  Deformed Plate, Butterfly Plate, W-Strap, Welded Wire Mesh, and Mesh Strap.
• Rebar Bolts:  Forged Head & Threaded, Installation accessories.

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