Installation piping line In Senoro Gas Development Project

PT.Lintech Duta Pratama proudly announce the receiving of order for Underground Piping Installation
from PT. Tripatra engineers and Contractors for SENORO Gas Development Project.

The volume of underground piping installation works more than 8000 diameter inch, & still in progress
for tendering process for additional quantity of DI for underground works. Approximately for Above
ground piping works Installation ( carbon ) will be receive by PT.Lintech on our next order.

PT.Lintech receive underground piping installation package, including survey process to find
position of excavation, coating,wrapping until hydro test & Flushing. PT.Lintech also provide all the
tools & heavy duty. PT. Lintech are working on CPP ( Central Processing Plant ) until jetty area
( pipeline ).

“PT.Lintech is very proud with pipe carbon installation project, I wish it can bond Lintech-Tripatra
relationship in the next time and as trigger for Oil and gas Construction/Installation projects to be
done by PT. Lintech. ” said Mr. Nurul Amin Kahir, Technical Director PT.Lintech Duta Pratama
Due date of pipe carbon Installation in first area during end of May, 2014. Insya Allah.

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