Column Cells for Consep Pty Ltd Australia for Newmont Nusa Tenggara
  Customer : Newmont, Year : -.

As previously delivered to Newmont Nusa Tenggara in 23 April 2006, again Lintech is ordered to deliver another 2 (two) units column flotation cells to improve process capacity, a high quality steel integrated rubber manufacturing. It is 6m diameter x 14m high column cell. It will be premanufactured at Lintech’s Surabaya onshore fabrication facility and to be compeletely assembled at Lintech Seaside Facility (LSF) at Paciran Cape as also previously large fabrication module had been manufactured and shipped direct from the LSF’s Jetty to Customer’s Port destination.

By securing this project, it shows that Lintech’s products have satisfied the loyal customer’s international quality standard and competitive prices as long as proven lifetime quality to survive the toughest application in the hard rock ore mining industry as critical process equipment.