LINTECH SECURED Monsanto’s Corn Seed Processing Plant Electrical & Control System Package
  Customer : PT.Branita-MONSANTO, Year : -.
After completes the PIONEER-DUPONT Rice and Corn Plant, the typical plant invested by PT.Branita-MONSANTO in Mojokerto also to be mainly constructed by Lintech. It was electrical and control system engineering works completed by Lintech for Monsanto before the electrical package going to bid. The scope of works for the plant electrical system to cover supply and install MDP, wiring , control
panels and PLC Plant Control System programming.

"Competing with Schneider in this Monsanto’s project is a good exercise for Lintech’s electrical division team. It will be completed by Lintech on quality and on time as usual”

Now, Lintech proven to be an option to investors/customers and maincontractors in Indonesia and Overseas to use Lintech’s services for the electrical and control system package along with the civil work and steel fabrication for their infrastructure construction. In Lintech, we do 90% of Investor’s project
ourself, while the 10% can be done by our subcont and consultant (not in viseversa) for cost,
quality and schedule efficiency. It the era when investors/customers want the contractor minimizing subcontract to keep investment cost as low as possible, Lintech is the most suitable partner. Congratulation to Lintech’s electrical division by winning this package. Well Done and Good Luck.