Customer : Tokatindung Gold Project, Year : -.

- Supply of steel raw material, Some with Lintech’s Rubber lining
- Supply of shop construction drawings, 
- Fabrication Assembly, 
- NDT & QA/QC Inspection, MDR (Manufacturing Data Report)
- Surface protection external surface, and packing for sea transport 
- Insurance and SEA TRANSPORT

Message From The Director:

Lintech is highly honored by the trust given by the Project Manager of Tokatindung Gold Project. The process of project inquiry up to delivery is very smooth by “wire” only. Tokatindung sent email of drawings and inquiry, then Lintech emailing a quotation, then Tokatindung surprisingly without many clarifications sending POs to Lintech. Until the project completion and delivery, Lintech has never been visited by the Tokatindung reps for inspection etc.

An email from the Tokatindung have stated that they knew about Lintech’s International reputation from trusted sources and trust Lintech will deliver High quality products as per drawings and specification given at the competitive price quoted. Finally, it is proven. Congratulation to Tokatindung, wish a success operation of the CIL gold processing, fast BEP (break event point), and keep the environmentally safe mining activity.