Rubber Back Ceramic Lining for Hard Ore Slurry Distributor Box
  Customer : PT.Freeport Indonesia Concentrating, Year : -.

General Scope of Work :  

  • Fabrication Tee Box for Cyclone Feed Distributor Tank 2TK430 weight 3500 kg
  • Tee Box Rubber Lining C/W Rubber Block / 4” thickness
  • Rubber Back Ceramic/Double Layer Ceramic Type
  • Surface Protection
  • Packing Material and delivery (Sea freight)

Tee Box Specification :  

  • Plate material : SS400 / ASTM A36
  • Ceramic : Type Alumina ceramic ( 92% Above )
  • Rubber Back : Duro Hardness

Capability :  

  • Able to resist abrasion from slurry flow
  • Low Maintenance
  • Saving Cost

This is the most severe application in hard ore mining and located at the heart of production process at PT.Freeport Indonesia Concentrating plant. The previous design was utilized rubber block 4in thick bolted to the body. Then later with ceramic lining with epoxy bond to the steel. Both serve unsatisfaction lifetime. Lintech then invented rubber back with double layer ceramic to improve the lifetime. It is successfully improve up to 4 times of lifetime of the latest design.

The end user is very happy with and Lintech is wishing future continues order for this ceramic lining works at any severe wear application.