Customer : PT. Agincourt Resources, Year : 2011.

After experienced work as a team within last 6 months and feeling comfort with Lintech's capabilities to deliver quality products for the previous major plant packages, Ausenco-PT. Agincourt Resources again placed more package for Martabe Project called:

Tanks, Launders & Structural Steel – WWPP

This repeating order is casting the future relationship with Ausenco. Lintech will be Glad to participate in future Ausenco Projects.
This is also proof Lintech as a capable company to deliver steel fabrication and construction works for strategic and major capital Mining infrastructure investment projects.

Client : Ausenco - PT. Agincourt Resources (Martabe Project)
Completion Date : TARGET December 2011
General Scope of Work : Various Carbon and stainless steel plate (mechanical) and structure works, shop detail drawing, fabrication, blasting, painting, packing, shipping door to door (Lintech seaside facility-project site).

1. Tank Fabrication: 173 Ton

2. Steel Structure: 120 Ton